Our President Ali Koç and Board Members met with Benfica administration

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Prior to Fenerbahçe's match against Benfica in Champions League Third Qualifying Round, Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç and Fenerbahçe Board Members met with Benfica's club administrators. Benfica Vice President Jose Eduardo Moniz and a representative from UEFA participated the meeting.

Our President Ali Koç signed and wrote visitors' book of Benfica club. President Koç wrote that "Once again we are in Lisbon to face Benfica, wishing for a different outcome this match. On behalf of Fenerbahçe, I extend our deepest respects and sincere friendship to a club with such great history, fantastic culture and strong brand. We thank you all for your warm and genuine hospitality and look forward to hosting you in Istanbul. As the President of Fenerbahçe I am honoured to be facing Benfica for our first official match. Wishing Benfica a great 2018-19 season and continued success. With our deepest respects".

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